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The internal filter, the replacement in the specified boxes No. 4 and 5 inside the device, is a distinctive type. It works with non-woven fabric and HEPA technology, meaning high efficiency to get rid of air particles. It is changed or replaced as a general rate every year, taking into account the ventilation every month and exposing it to sunlight. It works smart to get rid of microbes and viruses. For purchase, available in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf (there is a delivery service).


Additional Optimal Changeable Filter:

The replacement internal filter in the specified box No. 4 and 5 inside the device is the distinctive Optimel type, it works with non-woven fabric technology and Hepa, which means high efficiency to get rid of air particles, it changes or replaces it on average every year, taking into account ventilation every month once and exposing it to sunlight. It works intelligently to get rid of microbes and viruses. Available in KSA and GCC (delivery available):

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-virus non-woven fabric filter.
  • The antibacterial fabric resists bacterial colonization to reduce the risk of spreading infection and the appearance of unpleasant odors.
  • Long-lasting protection against unwanted organisms.
  • Removes (from the air passing through) 99.97% of 0.1 μm of particles.
  • What sets it apart is that it not only picks up bacteria and viruses, it kills them.
  • Removes harmful chemicals from the internal environment.
  • HEPA 13


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