Water Heater CLAGE-MCX6

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What is CLAGE Smart Heater?

 It is a smart instant electric water heater, designed and manufactured in Germany, for instant water heating that supports consumer comfort, saves energy, and suitable for all different forms of use.

CLAGE is a world-renowned brand that owners, engineers, architects, developers, and investors rely on to build all their facilities, whether residential or commercial.What are the advantages of instant electric water heaters provided by Al Zamil?


Therefore, you will find that all products offered by Al Zamil Company are subject to these values. No exception was made for the CLAGE electric instant heaters. All of them came with the following features:

- Reducing operating cost

CLAGE heaters are rated A in terms of energy saving. It also provides hot water at the required temperature as soon as you open the tap. Hence, it is considered the lowest operating cost in terms of electricity, as well as in terms of water consumption.

- Save water

As it was explained, you do not need to add cold water to hot water to reduce the water temperature, but the heat indicator is adjusted from the beginning to get the water at the desired temperature the first time. This saves a lot of the water that was wasted at the beginning of use, which eventually leads to save the overall water consumption.

- Save space

All versions of CLAGE Instant Electric Heaters are small, compact in design, and take up very little space in the installing area.

- Instant hot water

You don"t need any steps before you immediately get the hot water. All you must do is open the tap and the hot water will flow at the right temperature for your application.

- Right temperature

Whatever temperature you prefer, CLAGE water heaters provide you with just the right temperature. The temperature is adjustable in the heater with the push of a button at any time, so you get instant hot water at the desired degree.

- Short hot water paths

Which means cleaner heater and less mess, big space savings with energy saving.

- Protect the environment

CLAGE heaters offer a complete package to serve and protect the environment. It consumes the least amount of energy, the highest level of water savings or less water wastage.


As for the applications scale, CLAGE electric instant heaters have been tested in all buildings of all shapes and purposes. CLAGE smart heaters are used in:

- Private homes

- Housing construction

- Tourism and Hospitality Sector

- Commercial and industrial buildings

- Public buildings


Warranty: 30 months

Made in Germany

Rated Power 6 W
water flow ratio 3.3 L/min
length 14 cm
width 19 cm
depth 9 cm
Ampere 25 A
hot water temperature max 45°
warrenty two and a half years
Made in Germany

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