Aquatower Jumbo Big Blue Single Filter

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  • Aqua Tower single-stage filter is installed on the municipal water before entering the water into ground tank and works to remove impurities and plankton and deposit them in the filter
  • For the importance we recommend the installation of the single stage filter before the ground tanks and not the upper tank, to maintain the presence of chlorine in the water stored in the ground tank to prevent the formation of fungi and algae
  • For after the upper tank, we recommend the three-stage jumbo filter to remove harmful substances such as chlorine that cause hair loss and corrosion of metals such as heaters and mixers.
  • The filter is equipped with 1-inch entry and exit holes, with a polyethylene head, with an air relief valve and a sun protection base.
  • It withstands temperatures from 5 to 55 ° C and a pressure of up to 10 bar.
  • It has an iron base for wall mounting.
  • Warranty: Two years



  • This filter works on purifying water only and does not desalinate water.
  • It is preferable to change the filter candle every four months.

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