Big Blue Triple Filter Puricom

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 Triple Jumbo Filter For Home Water Purifier.

  • Puricom Jumbo Filter For Home Water Purification Is Installed After The Upper Tank And Pump For The Roof Of The House. 
  • It Purifies And Filters Water In Three Stages From Any Impurities Such As Chlorine, Rust And Dust. Completely Clean Water For Shower, Laundry And Home Use.   
  • 1-inch entry and exit hole with polyethylene head and the entry direction path must be adhered to as shown on the filter so that the stages perform their functions and are not Damage.
  • Equipped With Air Relief Valve
  • Withstands Temperatures From 5 To 55 ° C
  • Withstands Water Pressure Up To 10 Bar.
  • Thanks To Pre-filter Installation For Better Performance 
  • Thanks To Changing All Three Filters Every Four Months 
  • It Works On Purifying Water Only, And Does Not Desalinate Water  
  • Filter Warranty For Two Years.

Stages Of Purification: 

  1. The First Stage Is A "Cotton" Impurity Candle That Removes Impurities And Plankton In Water That Can Be Seen With The Naked Eye Such As Dirt, Rust, Dust And Sand. 
  2. The Second Stage Is An Activated Carbon Candle That Works To Remove The Rest Of The First Stage In Addition To Removing Chlorine. 
  3. The Third Stage Is A Carbon Steel Candle That Works To Remove The Rest Of The Second Stage In Addition To Removing The Color, Taste And Smell In The Water That Are Not Seen By The Eye. 

Important specifications:

  • Triple water filtration system suitable for residential communities , commercial and industrial. 
  • Removes sediment and, dirt, rust, clay, lime and chlorine And a lot of water pollutants. 
  • It has a meter to measure the pressure inside the filter. 
  • Suitable for wall mounting. 
  • That The Filter Contains Three Hours To Measure The Water Pressure In Each Candle, This Watch Has Two Main Functions, The First Of Which Is To Measure The Water Pressure Inside The Filter And The Second Is To Give An Indicator Of The Change Of The Filter Plugs In Case Of Blockage When The Pressure Of The Watch Is Zero


Cartridges For Big Blue Triple Filter Puricom.

Endurance Temperature 5-55°
water pressure 10 bar
Made in Taiwan
warrenty 2 years

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