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 Fixer GPU is a professional high-quality sealant based on polyurethane technology which cures by reacting to moisture to form a durable elastic rubber.


  • Excellent adhesion without primer on most substrates
  • High mechanical performances
  • Permanently elastic
  • Paintable with water-based paints

Application areas: 

  • It is used on most structural surfaces such as concrete, wood, iron, aluminum, plaster and around PVC door frames.
  • Indoor and outdoor uses
  • Use in dry and wet places
  • For easy control of the flow of the silent, you can use it with the manual sealant gun

Directions Of Use

A joint with the correct dimensions can absorb movements between building materials. The joint depth should always be in the correct relationship of the joint width. A general rule is the ratio of joint depth to the width of the joint with a joint width to 10 mm is 1:1, with a minimum of 5 mm in width and depth. For joints wider than 10 mm, the depth is the width divided by 3 plus 6 mm. Color deviations may occur due to exposure to chemicals, high temperatures, UV-radiation (especially with color shade white). However, a change in color will not adversely influence the technical performance or the durability of the product.

Weight: 600ml 

Techinical datasheet 

Color beige, black, grey

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