Cytacryl Half Gloss S105

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Usage :

This product is intended for coating ceilings and interior walls, cement, gypsum, clay bricks and asbestos.

Features :

- Conforms to Saudi Standard 470.

- Easy to apply, excellent spread, economical, durable, low odor when applied and easy to paint.

- Suitable for alkaline surface coatings, resistant to saponification and resistant to washing.

- It has good adhesion to walls and high covering power.

Technical characteristics:

Color: White or according to color catalog.

Appearance: 50% glossy.

Application: brushing, roller or spraying.

Solids percentage: >50%.

Paint layer thickness: 35 microns per layer when dry.

Theoretical coverage: 10 m²/L with 35-micron layer

Drying time: Surface dry:

@ 25 oC / 35 µm: 

flat dryness during 1 hr

full dryness during 6 hr

re-application: after 6 hr

full curing: 7 days


 Storage :

One year from the date of manufacture before opening it under regular storage conditions in a dry place away from sunlight and heat sources.

Preparing the surface for painting :

The surface to be painted must be clean and free from dust, dirt, grease, rust and old paint scales.

Tools of use: 

brush - spray gun - roller.

Suggested paint system :

- one or two layers of SITE Primer S 150 or S 151

- Two layers of Sight S 162 . toothpaste

- Sight 150 . base coat

- 2 coats of cytacryl semi-gloss S 105

Diluted :

clean water at a rate of 5-10% by volume, according to the method of coating.


- Do not use paint below 10°C with a moisture content of not more than 70%.

- The package is stirred well before use.

- Keep the containers out of the reach of children.

- Work is done in a well-ventilated place.

- Wash the tools with water immediately after finishing painting.

Safety Instructions :

Ensure good ventilation during application. Avoid inhaling fumes and sprays while painting. In case the paint comes into contact with the skin or eyes, rinse well with water.

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