OUR Mission

Build Station is an eCommerce platform owned by Marketing Home Group. Build Station was established with the aim of improving the customer experience by providing the best and latest solutions and technologies in construction, architecture and home finishing to the market. We believe that high quality products are an important part of the lifelong home building journey. Our believe in quality and practicality in products is one of the most important investments that ensure the quality of life for the individuals and increase there well-being, while recognizing the environmental challenges we face in today's world. We put the utmost satisfaction of our customers in the highest degree of appreciation, all while striving to always remain your partner to build your world..


Our clients represent an important segment of both public and private sectors. We are continuously working on understanding their requirements and providing building solutions that meet their expectations. In addition to our continuous work on developing building products, materials systems to increase customer satisfaction and enhancing trust in our brands leading to increase in our competitiveness and adding value to our partners.