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Dining Table for 9 people - Spanish Surface (IX) - tuwaiq

Product Code: TIX61076-HP01690476
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the solidity of its bases of the Tuwaiq Mountain.

It possesses multiple types and distinctive colours of Spanish porcelain surfaces that fit to modern design of the place.

It supported by natural mahogany wood bases.

It has extraordinary shape and elegant undulating surface and allows its users to have the opportunity to distribute seating

with the number of people in an unprecedented flexibility because of its waved surface.

It comes in a small size with for six seats and a vast size for nine seats and a side table..

At HATCH, our products are manufactured with natural resources and environmentally approaches.



Surface type Azalai, Geo Crema, Geo Gris, Iseo, Larsen, Storm Gris, Storm Negro, Syros

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