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Fila Daily Business

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A range of daily cleaning and protection products

- Fila Cleaner Pro:

Daily cleaner for all types of surfaces, and does not affect the central or sensitive surfaces. Product capacity 5L Coverage 7,500m2 with a coverage ratio of 200:1

- Fila PS87:

An effective concentrated acid cleaner for removing stubborn grease and oil stains. Use on marble or wood. 5 liter capacity covers 200 square meters.

Fila SR95:

An effective concentrated acid cleaner for colored organic stains (drinks, tea, coffee, pens), product 75 ml.

- Fila Norast:

An effective concentrated acidic cleaner for removing rust, suitable for all types of surfaces. Product capacity is 75 ml

- Refresh Fila :

Multi-purpose cleaner spray for treated natural surfaces. Product capacity is 750 ml

Fila Fiapagno:

A cleaning spray to remove limescale, ideal for bathrooms and mixers. Product capacity is 750 ml

- Fila Stop Dirt:

A dirt-repellent and protective product that is easy to clean, ideal for all types of porcelain surfaces. Product capacity 500ml, covers up to 70m2"

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