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Sight Tex (1) S144

Sight Paints
Product Code: S144
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138.00 SAR

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Product Description:

Water-based product, with the appearance of a decorative soft spray and matte, of acrylic polymer emulsion, as an interior and exterior finish coating.

Product use:

It can be used as a coating on interior and exterior surfaces, cement, gypsum, terracotta, asbestos and all prime-coated porous surfaces.


- Manufactured to comply with Saudi Standard 2626
- Weather resistant.
- Low odor upon application and easy to paint.
- Suitable for alkaline surface paint and is washable.
- Durable with good adhesion to walls and high covering power.
- It hides cracks and imperfections, and can be formed in several patterns and shapes.
Technical Specifications:

Color: White, according to the catalog colours

Appearance: matte

Solids Ratio: >70%

per capita rate:

1-2 m²/L depends on thickness.

Drought :


flat dryness during 2 hr

full dryness during 24 hr

re-application: after 24 hrs Repaint

full curing: 7 days


For one year, in dry conditions and in a closed package, away from sunlight, sources of flame and heat.

Surface preparation:

- It should be clean and free from dust, rust, oil and grease.
- Previous coating or anything that could weaken the adhesion should be removed.
- Filling cracks, leveling the surface, trimming corners and sides and foundation.
- Used equipments:

- Brush, roller and spray gun.

Layers and suggested coating system:

One or two coats of Site Primer Sealer S 151/150 diluted with pure water, allowing it to fully penetrate and fill the surface pores.
A layer of SITETEX (1) S 144.
Stretching and blending:

The product can be diluted with pure water at a rate (1-5%) to suit the paint with the tools used.

- Do not paint in rainy or cold weather below 10°C.
- Do not paint on surfaces with internal moisture.
- The barrel must be stirred well before use.

- Avoid inhaling vapors and droplets while applying paint.
- Flush eyes and skin with plenty of water and thoroughly on contact with the product.
- Avoid swallowing the product, and keep it out of the reach of children.
- Ventilation should be good in the places where the painting process is carried out
- The tools used should be washed with water or an appropriate solvent immediately
- This product can be produced in multiple colors according to the standard catalogs NCS - RAL - QC or any color from any catalog.

Note that the cost of dark colors will increase by 150 riyals per barrel compared to white and light colors, please include the required color in the notes.


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